6 Imrie Ave, Mangere East, Auckland
Phone: (09) 275 5733

Support Staff

Talofa lava Jean Batten School whanau,

My name is Uila Esera and my role here at Jean Batten School is as Whanau Support Worker.  I have been a part of the JBS community now for just over eleven months. I come from Samoa and I speak Samoan and English.  I am a father of two boys and a grandfather of six. In my spare time I do volunteering for my churchís SOUP kitchen, preparing food for the homeless plus the general community of the Manurewa area. I also spend some time gardening, reading, and having fun times with my extended family.  My background is in social work, as a police officer, and a public servant. I took up another volunteering role working for the TE Puea MARAE, when it was opened up for the homeless in 2016.

Iím here at JBS to support whanau by working with the teachers and assisting students with their learning and social needs.  I also work with the parents and caregivers, exploring and looking at ways and ideas to improve the childrenís learning and behaviour.  At times, I will accompany a staff member for a home visit, or support whanau at appointments to outside agencies and on field trips.

You can contact me at school on 09 2755733.

Kia ora, Talofa Lava Jean Batten Aiga/whanau

My name is Rangipai Hira and I am a qualified social worker based here at Jean Batten School. I work for ME Family services situated in Mangere East in the Manaaki Tangata team. I officially started in my role as a SWiS AT the beginning of Term 1 this. A bit about me, I am a mum of two kids aged 2 years and 8 years old. I was brought up in South Auckland, in Manurewa. I am Maori (Tainui).  Both of my children are Maori/Samoan descent. I associate with Te Puea Marae and have a lot of whanau connections within the Mangere area. I am very honoured and proud to be working here at Jean Batten School. Iím here to support whanau by working in partnership with parents, children and school with any social issues or concerns, e.g. housing, social skills of your child at school, safety, wellbeing, struggling/hard times and so much more. You can contact me by phone on 022-6941052 and we can arrange a time to meet and discuss any further queries you may have around the services I offer. Manuia Le Aso, Kia Pai To Ra. Rangipai (SWiS)

Kia ora, Jean Batten School whanau. 

My name is Regan Scally and my role here at Jean Batten School is a psychologist, supporting students with their behavioural needs.

I have been a part of the JBS community now for about a year and a half. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside students, whanau and the school staff to support our students within and outside of school.

I am originally from Christchurch.  I moved to Auckland in 2013 with my partner to continue my study and I have stayed here for work. Most of my whanau still live in Christchurch, including my father, mother and younger sister. My older brother lived in Whangarei for a couple of years but is now about to go travelling. My younger brother also lives in Auckland.

My younger brother and I have recently joined the same rugby team. I also like to spend my time hanging out with friends, watching stand-up comedy, playing games, eating good food and exercising.  

I am here to support whanau when there are serious concerns around a childís behaviour at school. You first need to discuss concerns with your childís teacher and then with the Deputy Principal/Senco, Helen French before a referral can go ahead.