If your child is away from school we need to know why.  To tell us the reason you can:

·         Phone us on the first morning of the absence (leave a message on the answer phone),  or

·         Send a note to the school with another child,  and

·         Write us a note on the day your child returns to school.


If you want to take your child out of the school for an extended period of time (eg. to travel overseas or to live elsewhere in the country for a few weeks) please write us a note telling us

·         Why your child will be away,  and

·         The day your child will return to school.


This information is required for official student attendance records and has implications for our level of government funding.  Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.


The school’s computerised, student attendance program will automatically send text messages to the parents/caregivers of students who are absent from school without notified reason.  Parents/caregivers are asked to reply to the text immediately explaining the student’s absence.



Often unnecessary worry can be caused by unfounded rumour or misinterpretation.  If you ever have any concerns, please contact the classroom teacher (about a classroom matter) in the first instance.

If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, you should then contact, in the following order:

·         the senior teacher for that area of the school

·         the Principal

·         the Board of Trustees.



Children may not start school before their fifth birthday but it is preferable that they are enrolled prior to their actual starting date. A birth certificate or passport must be produced when a child is enrolled.  Evidence of New Zealand residency must also be produced for all immigrant children.  Parents/caregivers enrolling new entrant children must also show the child’s immunisation certificate. 


Children are welcome to come to school and join the new entrant class on three mornings before they turn five. Pre-school visits can be most helpful for shy children or those with no pre-school experience and, for most children, they help them to feel more settled and comfortable about coming to school.


Parents/caregivers may send their children to whichever school they choose provided that there are no enrolment limitations imposed through zoning.  We welcome students transferring to Jean Batten School and take enrolments at any time at the office. 



Lost property

A lost property container is kept in the hall foyer (side door entry) and parents/caregivers are welcome to look through it at any time.  Articles remaining at the end of each term are disposed of.  All clothing and personal property should be clearly named to assist its return to rightful owners.



Students should bring a healthy lunch to school as they need good food to sustain them though the day – products such as bags of chips are a tasty extra in lunches but are not a lunch in themselves as the energy they produce is very short-lived.  Students who don’t eat good breakfasts and lunches ‘close down’ as the day progresses.  This is even more of a problem in sunny weather as the heat drains them and the extra running around they do during play/lunchtimes takes what remaining energy they have. This makes the afternoon programme a battle against fatigue and learning is compromised.  Sandwiches (with healthy fillings) and fruit are a good basis for lunches and some high energy extras to make the lunches more interesting (such as raisins, yoghurt, cheese etc) are what we would like to see the students eating at lunchtimes.  Please encourage your children to bring home uneaten lunches.                                                        


We do not allow students to have sweets, canned/bottled soft drinks, large bags of chips or packets of at school so please do not include them in their lunches. 


Lunch passes

Students who go home at lunch time must have a lunch pass.   Parents/caregivers are asked to contact the school to request that their child be given a lunch pass.


Money at school

Only money that is absolutely necessary for buying, stationery, etc. should be brought to school. The school will not take responsibility for money that is not handed to a class teacher for safekeeping.  Students are not to bring money to school for spending at the shop on the way home.



Newsletters are sent home regularly (usually on Fridays fortnightly) to inform parents/caregivers of coming events and changes or developments in the school.  Newsletters are distributed to every student in the school.


Parent/caregiver support

From time to time we ask for parent/caregiver help in school activities (eg. sports days, school trips etc). Assistance with class programmes (reading, story writing, art, music) is also appreciated.  We are very dependent on parent/caregiver help with cultural groups, especially when preparation begins for the school’s cultural festival every second year  People from the Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Niuean and other ethnic groups all assist in ensuring that our students perform well.


All offers of support are welcomed and appreciated by the school and the very important support parents/caregivers give their children in connection with their learning and homework is valued.  If you feel that you have expertise and/or time to make a regular commitment to classroom help please contact the staff.



Personal property

Students often bring possessions from home (toys, skates, skateboards, games etc) to play with or use at school.  Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that property is looked after, the school takes no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen toys, dolls, electronic games, calculators, jewellery, valuables etc.  It is advisable, therefore, that such items are not brought to school.


Radios, electronic devices, knives, matches and fireworks are not to be brought to school under any circumstances.


School fees

Jean Batten School does not charge a school fee.



Social Media

The school has a website (External link opens in new tab or windowwww.jeanbatten.co.nz) that contains up-to-date information about school events, the latest newsletter and other important information about the school and its activities.


The school also has a Facebook page (External link opens in new tab or windowwww.facebook.com/JeanBattenSchool) that gives regular, informal updates of school events and activities.



All items of stationery used in the classrooms may be bought at the office between 8.30-9.00am daily. Children are issued with a stati onery list at the beginning of each year and these items are supplied through the school. Teachers send a note home when additional stationery is required.



Jean Batten School has a compulsory school uniform. Uniform items may be purchased through The Warehouse at the Airport Shopping Centre or through Crossover Branding (ordered at the school office).   Our colours are purple and black.  Please ensure that all uniform items are named.


In the cooler months students may need more layers to keep warm but multi-coloured clothing items that are worn under the uniform shirts are not acceptable.  Long-sleeved black skivvies only may be worn under the purple shirt to add extra warmth.

Please remember to name all items of clothing.