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17 June 2016



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Welcome to Jean Batten School.  We want your association with this school to be pleasant and rewarding so that we can work together for the benefit of your child.


At Jean Batten School we endeavour to foster an environment of trust, sharing and respect for others so that students will feel secure and enjoy success in everything they do.  We want the students to be happily involved in the learning programmes that the school offers.


We see the school as an integral part of the community and the active support and involvement of parents/caregivers is welcomed.  Your support of the school is vital to ensuring that the students have as many opportunities as possible during their time at Jean Batten School.


We are accessible at all times through our ‘open door’ policy which enables you to come and discuss matters relating to the academic or social development of your child.  Concerns are often quickly resolved through discussion. It is important, therefore, that good communication is maintained between home and school and you are urged to contact the school if you have any queries or worries. If you wish to speak with a teacher, please telephone and arrange an appointment time. You will appreciate that teachers can not be interrupted to speak to parents/caregivers during the school day so it is necessary that messages and inquiries about your child are directed through the office.


We are sure that your involvement with Jean Batten School will be an enjoyable one.  Please take advantage of all the opportunities that will arise to enable us to work together to provide the best educational experience we can for your child.



Term 1

3 February - 15 April

Term 2

2 May - 8 July

Term 3

25 July - 23 September

Term 4

10 October - 16 December

We will also be closed on:

8 February - Waitangi Day

25 March - Good Friday

28 March - Easter Monday

29 March - Easter Tuesday

6 June - Queen's Birthday

24 October - Labour Day



 2 May
School starts at 9.00am
18 May
B.O.T Meeting, 5.00pm
20 May
Pink Shirt Day!
High Flyers Assembly, 9.30
2 June

Parent Interviews
6 June

Queen's Birthday
10 June
Junior School Assembly, 2.00pm
15 June
B.O.T Meeting, 5.00pm
22 June
Senior School Cultural Day
24 June
High Flyers Assembly, 9.30
8 July
Senior School Assembly, 9.30am
School closes 3.00pm

We encourage family and friends to be involved with the school's activities. You may be able to help with cultural performances, with reading or maths, with sport or computers. You are all very welcome!
Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and everybody is welcome to attend.

This term's meetings are on:
Wednesday 18 May, at 5.00pm 
Wednesday 15 June, at 5.00pm