TERM 2 - Starts today!!!
DISTANCE SCHOOLING starts for all students throughout New Zealand. This is certainly new territory for many of us so I am sure there will be some teething problems as we go.

Programmes have been prepared by teachers in recent weeks assisted by special shows screening on TVNZ's usual 2+1 channel and on Maori TV.

Some of parents may find it difficult helping their children learn at home. Psychologist Nigel Latta says “If you're trying to juggle work and a bunch of other things and the kids don't want to do it and it's just adding stress, DON'T DO IT!!! It will do your child no harm at all,”.

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Welcome to Jean Batten School.  We want your association with this school to be pleasant and rewarding so that we can work together for the benefit of your child.

At Jean Batten School we endeavour to foster an environment of trust, sharing and respect for others so that students will feel secure and enjoy success in everything they do.  We want the students to be happily involved in the learning programmes that the school offers.

We see the school as an integral part of the community and the active support and involvement of parents/caregivers is welcomed.  Your support of the school is vital to ensuring that the students have as many opportunities as possible during their time at Jean Batten School.

We are sure that your involvement with Jean Batten School will be an enjoyable one.  Please take advantage of all the opportunities that will arise to enable us to work together to provide the best educational experience we can for your child.