6 Imrie Ave, Mangere East, Auckland
Phone: (09) 275 5733

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22 May 2015


We hope that your association with this school will be both pleasant and rewarding and that we can work together for the benefit of your child.


We are sure that your involvement with Jean Batten School will be an enjoyable one.  It is hoped that you will take advantage of the opportunities that arise to provide your child with the best possible educational experience.






On Tuesday, Year 6 students created a Field of Remembrance to soldiers from our local area who lost their lives in World War 1. This activity has been part of their class learning about ANZAC and World War 1 and has given the school a wonderful focal point for our studies.





Term 2 2015

School starts on Monday 20 April at 9.00am


ANZAC Day Holiday

Monday 27 April


Queen's Birthday Holiday

Monday 1 June

Triadic Interviews

Thursday 25 June


Board of Trustee Meetings

Wednesday 21 May 5.00pm

Wednesday 18 June 5.00pm


Last Day of Term 2

Friday 3 July 3.00pm



We encourage family and friends to be involved with the school's activities. You may be able to help with cultural performances, with reading or maths, with sport or computers. You are all very welcome!
Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and everybody is welcome to attend.